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Owner of an accommodation

Rent out your accommodation

Are you a proud owner of an apartment, cottage or housewagon in Riksgränsen Katterjokk Mountains ? See what opportunities and benefits you will have to rent out your accommodation through our brokerage service.

  1. Your accommodation will be visible on 1000's of different booking services worldwide.

  2. You do not have to deal with the guests themselves, we take care of them.

  3. Departure cleaning and snow shoveling before and after guests' arrival we take care of.

  4. 2 times a year we pay out income to you from the rental.

  5. You will always have someone who checks your accommodation so everything is ok there.

  6. We install code locks and fire protection for your residents before guests arrive.

  7. Get a very good economy at your leisure home through our agency.

  8. So be a proud owner of your accommodation. Enjoying your free time there and let's us take care of the rental.


Best regards
Jan Stjernstrom
RIBO Apartment AB

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