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Snöpiggen 8:2

Apartment on two levels with light and open plan, balcony and entrance-terrace. Entrance door from the west. The apartment has energy value according to the year-round standard and is equipped with a sauna, bathroom and hallway with heated tiled floor.Each apartment has its own electric heating boiler. The apartment is equipped with shower / wc on both floors and is ideally suited for families or parties that need larger social areas.


The apartment is equipped with wireless internet with fiber speed and 50 inch flat screen TV.Each apartment has its own cold storage and its own parking space with engine heater outlet. Fully equipped kitchen with Stove / Micro / Dishwasher / coffee and kettle. Laundry facilities with washing machine are available in the downstairs bathroom. Available 1 bed (160cm wide) 3 bunk beds (90cm wide) 1 bed (120cm wide) 1 bed 90 cm wide. In total there are 11 beds.

Minimum 4 nights / Booking

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