Join us for an awesome slick rock adventure to Reinesfjellet just outside Narvik. This is a huge
natural playground full of bowls, drops and small jumps to play around on. All with a spectacular
fjord view over Skjomen. And when you need a break you can just cool down in one of nature's
own warmed up swimming pools, right on top of the mountain. A must do for every

(Some previous mtb experience is desirable to be able to fully enjoy the experience. Don't
hesitate to contact us if you are uncertain if this adventure is suited for you)
Whole day tour. Bring lunch package, energi and water!

Transport from Narvik to Reinnesfjellet and back
Shuttle at Reinnesfjellet
Not included
Rental Bike 550 NOK / People

Pickup/ drop off in Riksgränsen 790 NOK
Maximum 7 persons
Full day
3600 NOK 3-7 persons
3000 NOK 1-2 person