Explore the historical Rallarveien on this full day mountainbike adventure. Pedal from Sweden to
Norway in beautiful surroundings with big valleys, waterfalls and epic singletracks.
The mountain road/ trail will lead us down to the Rombaksbotn fjord where we will enjoy a nice
break before the rib boat takes us and the bikes across the fjord to Sildvik where a bus is waiting
to drive us back to the city of Narvik or Riksgränsen. A real mountainbike adventure!

We can also choose just to go Riding on Rallarveien between Björkliden and down a little bit in the
valley towards Rombaksfjorden and then back again. Easier alternative and no need to pay for the
Boatride. You will still have amazing scenery and epic singletracks!.

Tour Rallarvägen
Half day 2 - 4 hours
2200 NOK
whole day 4 - 6 hours
3200 NOK

The tour includes the guide
Does not include Bike and Boat Trip (Price is added as below)
Boat trip 600 NOK
Maximum 7 People
Guide 3 - 7 people
15% discount on prices for 1-2 people
Rent a bike
Half day 550 NOK / Person
full day 950 NOK / person
Back with car to the Riksgränsen
500 NOK

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