Biking in the mountains is a great experience. You can experience 3-4 times more than you do on foot. An excellent way to improve fitness and balance while providing an unbeatable nature experience in one of our last wildernesses. From the bike ride you will see more of the Swedish mountain world.
The well-trampled trails that mountain hikers have been laying on for many years are perfect for mountain biking.
Riksgransen is a mountain bike destination of international dimensions if you look for nature and the joints. But it is still managed at the enthusiast level.
The old workpath used when the ore was built went as a hub throughout the valley from Abisko to the east down to the fjord Rombaksbotn in the west. Rallarvägen called it is one of Sweden's best cycling routes, looking at the quality of both lengths, paths and prospects. Rallarvägen Read more...

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