Now we have the dog sledge trips to the mountains !! This is a tour in Riksgransen and Bjorkliden area. From December 22 to the end of May, giving a tour and historical overview of the span dog's origin. Comfortable, relaxing on a big sled, you will get answers to questions why old-time postman, explorers and hunters chose dog sledding as their means of transport. You may also feel the dogs contemporary usage joy and power they generate in interaction with an unbeatable scenery.

The trails meander up the sides of a mountain to the summit where we will have a chance to see the famous Northern Lights (aurora borealis) at close range. When we turn off the lights, we get the full effect of this amazing phenomenon. The only sound is the judgment panting dogs. This is an experience not to be missed!

We continue to a Sami tent without electricity and running water where hot drinks and homemade cakes are served.

price examples

Dogsledge 2 Hour 1495 SEK/person   4pers/Sledge

Dogsledge 2 Hour 1800 SEK/person   2pers/Sledge

Mon-Sun Daytour  9am - 11am
Mon-Sun Northern Lights tour 6pm - 8pm
minimum 4 people every tour.

Price ink Swedish VAT